Sep 20
Blayney Health Council Needs You

With the NSW government committed to devolving decision making to the local area, now more than ever does the Health Council play an important role in health service planning.   Health Councils provide an opportunity for people of the community to work with Health Service Managers and Planners to identify the needs of their community and the services that are required.  

Blayney Health Council currently has some vacancies on its council and is seeking interest from members of the community. 

Suellen Kennedy, Health Council Chairperson said the Health Council members were committed to giving their community a voice on issues that affect the health and well being of the community’s citizens.

Over the past few years the Health Council has worked on projects such as Healthone redevelopment, Healthy community planning project and ran some successful forums such as Drug and Alcohol, men’s health and mental health matters  “Our priorities for the next two years include continuing to work with Western NSW Local Health District to obtain a Doctor to cover the emergency department and undertake Healthy Community Planning project again to obtain feedback from the community on their health needs “ Ms Kennedy said.

Blayney Health Service Manager, Kathleen Hillier is encouraging people from all walks of life to apply to be a member on the Health Council.  “They do not need to have health professional experience.  In fact, applicants without a health professional background are most welcome as they are able to bring a truly independent consumer perspective to their role” said (insert Health Service Manager Name).

At a minimum, membership requires attendance to monthly Health Council meetings, but there is also opportunity to participate on committees and workshops associated with your personal interest.

For an application kit or to find out more information contact Kathleen Hillier, Health Service Manager, on 63689000 or email