Sep 27
Free Fun Program For Kids To Become Healthier, Fitter And Happier!

We all want the best for our kids - But how do we do that?

Western NSW Local Health District will run the highly successful Go4Fun program in Kandos, Mudgee, Molong, Dubbo, Gilgandra and Grenfell next school term, and is now calling for registrations.

Go4Fun is an interactive program that supports 7-13 year old children, who are above a healthy weight, and their families to adopt a long lasting and healthy approach to their daily lives.

Western NSW Local Health District Go4Fun Coordinator Jennie Hunt said a one term commitment from parent and child becomes a life time of change.

“The Go4Fun program is fun for kids and families alike and offers an approach that will lead to more healthy living which will benefit kids and their families now and in the long term.” Ms Hunt said.

At completion of the program participants have, on average, achieved:

  • 2.6cm decrease in waist circumference measurements
  • Improvement in cardio respiratory fitness, 8.7 beats per minute decrease in recovery heart rate after a 3 minute step test
  • An improvement in self esteem.

The program consists of 20 sessions, twice a week for two hours. Highlights include:

  • Weekly games and activities 
  • Fun, interactive discussions to teach you easy and effective ways to improve children’s nutrition, physical activity and self-esteem.
  • Practical demonstrations, games and tips about healthy foods, label reading and portion sizes.

“The are no diets or meal plans involved in the program, instead we concentrate on educating families about effective ways to change behaviour and we also try lots of delicious and healthy foods,” said Ms Hunt.

Parents can get in touch with their local Go4Fun Project Officer – Katrin Dixon (Kandos, Mudgee, Grenfell, Molong) by calling 6379 1500 or 0410 572 055 or Chad Parkes (Dubbo and Gilgandra) by calling 6841 5587 or 0408 603 457.

Families can also call1800 780 900 and register for this exciting program.

The 1-800 service will be available from 10am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. Callers will be provided with information and details of local programs and be able to book in or you can register by going to

Media Contact: Hayley Vaughan on 02 6363 8099 or 0459 142 973.