Oct 26
Lachlan Health Council Looks To The Future To Deliver Improved Health Facilities.

Lachlan Health Service (Parkes and Forbes Hospitals)

Lachlan Health Councillors are participating in several meetings with health planners and staff to ensure local health needs are fully considered in planning for the redevelopment of health services in Parkes and Forbes.

Health Councillors recently attended a full briefing with Project Director Bruno Zinghini , planners from Health Infrastructure and the project management team from TSA Management. 

Lachlan Health Council Co-chair Malcolm Stacey said health councillors have had a full explanation of the process for gathering information and for planning to deliver greatly improved hospital facilities in both Forbes and Parkes.

"We have had and will continue to have the opportunity to ask questions about every aspect of the planning and design process." Mr Stacey said.

Co-chair Dan Herbert said health councillors are also participating with staff from Parkes and Forbes in an intensive round of meetings of Project User Groups over the next few weeks.

“Input from the people who work in and use hospital facilities and services is vital to ensuring the best plans are developed." Mr Herbert said.

The Project User Groups are examining the patient journey or experience of hospital, and where the services will be delivered and how they are linked on each site. Important issues related to information technology and networks between hospitals and services are also being considered.

Lachlan Health Council Co-chairs Malcolm Stacey and Dan Herbert are also representing the local community on the Project Planning Team.

The Project Planning Team is responsible for coordinating the consultation process, reviewing planning, and providing advice on the functional design of the new and redeveloped facilities. 

Dan and Malcolm would welcome input from our community about any aspect of the health service that people believe should be considered in the current consultation phase.

Malcolm Stacey can be contacted on 6862 4564 or malcolm.stacey@bigpond.com, and Dan Herbert on 6857 1166.

Any comment will be welcome and will be included in the information currently being gathered.

Members of the community can also submit any comments or suggestions via the email address; lachlanhealthservice@gwahs.health.nsw.gov.au