Oct 31
Nyngan Health Service Get Their ‘silly Socks’ On!

Staff at Nyngan Health Service donned their ‘silly socks’ last week as part of Foot Health Month (October) to highlight the importance of foot self-care in the maintenance of good health with diabetes.

The theme for Foot Health Month was “Sock it to Diabetes’ to promote good foot health for people with diabetes to reduce the appalling toll caused by complications and amputations.

“Each week 85 Australians lose their toes, feet or even their legs because if diabetes complications, a statistic that should be much lower due to their preventable nature,” said Ms Jenny Griffiths, Health Service Manager.


Staff at the Nyngan Health Service donned their 'silly socks' last Thursday to raise awareness and promote this important health issue, she said.

“Striped, spotty and 'blinged' socks were seen throughout the hospital corridors and they may not take off as the latest fashion trend, but did raise great awareness for a progressively worsening problem,” said Ms Griffiths.

Staff took the time on the day to discuss with patients and visitors simple ways to avoid being another statistic, such as checking their feet every day for cuts, sores or redness, wearing appropriate, well-fitting footwear and having regular (6 monthly) diabetes complications screenings with a Podiatrist or Doctor.

If you have diabetes and require a foot complications screening, please feel free to contact the Podiatry Service on 6835 1700.