Nov 12
Orange Centre For Rural & Remote Mental Health Scores New Text Books

Twenty-five new psychiatry text books will be donated to the Orange Centre for Rural & Remote Mental Health (CRRMH) library under a program aimed at increasing access to resources for psychiatry trainees across the state.

The Rural Psychiatry Project is an initiative by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists which will see more than $33,000 worth of mental health text books delivered to training sites in New South Wales.

“This donation will reduce the disparity in access to training resources between rural and metropolitan sites, providing another incentive for psychiatry trainees to live and train in rural NSW,” said Maree Earle, Manager of the Rural Psychiatry Project.

The text books will be used by psychiatry trainees, international medical graduates and other mental health workers.

"The CRRMH is thrilled to receive this generous donation of resources from The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists to our library. Since the inception of the Centre 11 years ago, a strong relationship has grown between the Centre and the Health District's psychiatrists, mental health specialists and students. This donation will provide invaluable support to this partnership," said CRRMH Director Professor Prasuna Reddy.

The CRRMH is a centre of the University of Newcastle and is funded by NSW Health.

The Rural Psychiatry Project is also establishing a recruitment service to bring psychiatrists to regional and rural areas where vacancies exist. Another initiative of the project is to develop ‘Psychiatrist Councils’ which will facilitate discussions on mental health service provision and planning across local health districts.

The donation of 25 text books to the Orange CRRMH will take place on Tuesday 13th November 11am at the CRRMH Library.

Clinical Director of Mental Health Drug & Alcohol A/Professor Scott Clark will accept the resources on behalf of the Local Health District. Project Officer with the Rural Psychiatry Project Nik Todorovski will be available for comment.

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