Nov 13
New Mudgee Hospital Lift To Be Installed

The lift at Mudgee Hospital will be replaced with a new one with works starting on 14 January 2013.

“The replacement of the lift at the Hospital is expected to take 6 weeks and will mean some short-term changes to the way services are delivered during this time,” said Acting Health Service Manager, Gwenda Ingram.

“The safety of patients, visitors and staff at the Mudgee Hospital is of the highest importance which is why the Western NSW Local Health District (LHD) needs to replace the existing lift at the hospital with a new one,” she said. “The replacement of the lift in January 2013 will ensure the future safe delivery of services.

“The existing lift is very old and breaks down up to eight times a year placing a safety risk to patients, staff and visitors to the hospital,” said Ms Ingram. “Unfortunately, due to its age, replacement parts are now unavailable,” she said.

“The staff at the Health Service have been working very closely on developing a short-term plan for services during the lift replacement period, and we have also consulted local doctors and the NSW Ambulance Service,” she said.

The provision of Maternity services will remain unchanged – but the location will.

All pregnant women booked in to have their babies during this time will be individually contacted and advised of the plans to be implemented.

“We will directly advise patients about changes to services that may affect them including dialysis and oncology patients.”

“There will also be careful assessment of maternity patients’ capacity to walk upstairs to the temporary labour and maternity ward,” Ms Ingram said. “We will have contingency plans in place should a woman need to deliver her baby on the ground floor.”

Some of the changes to services at the hospital during the 6-week period will include: 

  • Maternity and labour ward will be relocated to the first floor
  • A medical ward with reduced beds, and palliative care room will be established in the current maternity ward on the ground floor
  • Oncology Services will be deferred to Dubbo or other appropriate facility and patients will be notified with care/transport arrangements put in place
  • No elective surgery will be performed except caesareans
  • Dialysis Services will be provided on the ground floor
  • Outpatient Maternity services will be provided from the first floor

“Because we need to reduce the capacity of services in the hospital the Health Service is also committed to increasing community nursing services to patients during this time,” said Ms Ingram.

“The builders and the Local Health District will work together to minimise the disruption to services during the replacement works, but we ask patients and visitors to the hospital to be patient during this construction project,” Ms Ingram said.

If people have questions please call Mudgee Hospital Switch on (02) 6378 6222.


Contact:  Rebekah Bullock 0407959781