Dec 06
Local Fundraising Efforts Bring $75,000 Benefit To Daffodil Cottage

During the past twelve months, local fundraising efforts in Bathurst have seen more than $75,000 worth of equipment purchased for use by patients at Daffodil Cottage.

A variety of events including head shaves, raffles and a number of donations has resulted in the purchase of major items aimed at improving patient comfort and care, while also delivering some improvements to the Cottage itself.

The Daffodil Cottage Advisory Council consists of members of the public, Bathurst Regional Council, Daffodil Cottage Nurse Unit Manager Marita Tipene and Bathurst MP Paul Toole.

In the last year, the Advisory Council has purchased:


Cottage garden extension                                                                                               $46,000         

Treatment Chair                                                                                                                     $6,000

Rinolaringo scope for head and neck cancer patients                                              $13,000

Privacy Screens in consult rooms and treatment rooms                                            $1,185

Head scarfs and hats                                                                                                     $800

Portable Oxygen contractor                                                                                                 $6,000

Portable ramps                                                                                                                      $1,118

Nurse education                                                                                                                    $3,000


“The additional chair means five patients can now receive their treatment at any one time, reducing waiting times for local residents,” said Daffodil Cottage Nurse Unit Manager Marita Tipene.

 “We now also have a portable oxygen concentrator, which will allow our patients to travel to appointments in Sydney or locally with the ease of a transportable oxygen machine,” she said.

The pool of loan equipment available through Daffodil Cottage has also been added to, with items including shower chairs and portable ramps purchased to allow patients to be more comfortable whilst at home.

“The Bathurst community is so generous when it comes to raising money for Daffodil Cottage and every dollar that comes to us really makes a difference for our patients, because it means we can make their lives more comfortable and their treatment more tolerable,” said Ms Tipene.

All donations received are deposited into the Daffodil Cottage Trust Fund, and the Daffodil Cottage Advisory Council advise how these donations are used.


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