Dec 07
Support Rural Living. Take Part And Be Healthy! Go4fun

“Rural living offers countless benefits and opportunities to support a healthy lifestyle.” Western NSW Local Health District Go4Fun Coordinator, Jennifer Hunt said.

The Go4Fun program is currently seeking registrations to help children who are above a healthy weight range and aged 7-13, to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Ms Hunt said the well-being of children in rural and regional communities can improve with small changes to our lifestyle, such as walking to school and eating well. 

“When children walk to school they not only increase their own fitness levels but develop a feeling of social inclusion. 

“Evidence shows communities respond by looking after our kids.  They watch out more for them, slow down in vehicles and they also feel more included socially. Our communities benefit, by raising kids who are more confident, proactive and productive adults. It’s a win win!” Ms Hunt explained.

The Go4Fun program offers parents the skills and knowledge to make long term committed change to children’s eating and exercise habits.

“It’s a great start to improve our kid’s lives and could be the start of change in a number of areas. Taking the first step is often difficult but promises to be rewarding in many different ways,” said Ms Hunt.

Go4Fun is a FREE program supporting 7-13 year olds above their healthy weight range and it is available on our doorstep! Programs are running in Term 1 in Orange, Bathurst, Cowra, Mudgee, Forbes, Dubbo, Coonabarabran and Wentworth Local Government Areas.

For information and registration; Freecall 1800 780 900 or go online