Jan 17
Record Number Of DOctors For Orange Health Service

Once again Orange Health Service is proving its worth as an employer of choice for health professionals in NSW. Monday 21st January 2013 will be a significant day for the Health Service with 50 new doctors set to begin work at the hospital.

The doctors will join a large team, including new interns and residents as well as doctors staying on at the hospital from last year’s intake, swelling the numbers of Junior Medical Officers to a record high of 82 for Orange Health Service.

Orange Health Service Director of Medical Services, Louise Messara said she is excited to welcome the new doctors, who will work in a variety of specialties throughout the hospital.

“Every year we happily welcome new doctors, however this year is particularly significant not only because of the high number but also the diversity of specialties covered.

“We are the first non-metropolitan hospital in Australia to provide advanced training in Neurology.  Naturally this is a wonderful opportunity for the Orange Health Service and is a reflection of the reputation we have as a centre for excellence for medical professionals,” said Dr Messara.

Other specialties benefiting from this year’s intake of doctors include Cardiology, Urology and Anaesthetics to name just a few. These doctors will take part in extensive training during their time here in Orange and it is hoped a good percentage will then stay on in the district to further their careers.

“Gaining experience and training in a regional, rural or remote setting can be a key to attracting medical professionals to these communities on an ongoing basis. Hopefully our new doctors will enjoy their time with us and come to recognise and value the opportunities available here, both professionally and from a lifestyle perspective.

”A hospital environment such as the one here in Orange allows for a closer clinical working relationship between the trainees and their consultants.  It is therefore a highly sought after opportunity, with often dozens of applicants applying for a single position,” said Dr Messara.

The new recruits will participate in an orientation day on Monday, which will include an official welcome from members of the Orange Health Service executive team as well as a tour of the facility, before they settle in and begin work with their particular departments.


MEDIA OPPORTUNITY: 10:40am, Monday 21st January 2013

Due to the tight schedule of Orientation day, please be advised a brief window of opportunity exists for this Media Opportunity.  Media are asked to meet Melissa Hamling in the front foyer of Orange Health Service at 10:40am. 

For more information please contact Media Officers Melissa Hamling (Monday & Tuesday) on 0417-511-738 or Kate Hennessy on 0417-280-903.