Feb 25
Show and tell for the new orange health service

The project team responsible for building the new Orange Health Service will welcome more than 3500 members of the community into the state-of-the-art facility tomorrow for a Public Information Day.

Hansen Yuncken Regional Manager Wayne Harris said it’s an excellent opportunity to show members of the public around the new $250-million infrastructure project, before patients arrive on the 16 March 2011.

“It’s just over 2 weeks before the doors officially open to the new hospital, so this is a rare chance to walk through the building and observe the design, layout and services inside,” said Mr Harris.

“Construction of the project has taken around 3 years, but detailed thought and designs were underway for a new hospital in the early nineties. Seeing the building finally finished is a testament to years of patience, perseverance, and hard work, which should make the community of Orange feel overwhelmingly proud.”

The Public Information Day is also a chance for the community to question clinical staff about the pending move to the new hospital, and vital information about the new site.

Orange Base Hospital General Manager Narelle Davis said the move to the new facility will occur over approximately two weeks, with patients to be moved over a two-day period.

“We will have dozens of employees from the Health Service volunteering on the Public Information Day to answer any questions about the move process, and the commencement of services at the new site,” said Ms Davis.

“It’s only a 7km journey, but the Orange Health Service will require maximum support from the community during this transition phase.”

The Information Day will be conducted between 9am and 4pm on Saturday 26 February at the new Orange Health Service site on Forest Road. Parking officers will help manage the flow of traffic, but visitors are asked to move swiftly from the site to avoid congestion.

“We’re expecting close to 4000 people on the day, so we ask that visitors make way for others after the completion of their walk through,” said Mr Harris.

 “Those wishing to attend must have obtained a ticket from the Orange Visitors Centre and ensure they arrive at the scheduled time, to avoid congestion inside the building.”

“This is an excellent opportunity for the community of Orange and surrounding districts, and we look forward to showing you around this amazing new facility,” said Mr Harris.

“The building is brand new now, but within weeks this hospital will hold great significance in the lives of so many people across Orange and the Central West.”