Apr 19
Financial Stress Support Available To Central West Communities

The Dubbo and Region Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Service says support is available to members of the community experiencing financial stress.

Severe financial stress, such as stress from a financial crisis can be overwhelming and impact on a person’s mental health and affect relationships with others.

Financial stress can result from late bill payments, increased credit card or loan debt, legal action for debt recovery, fear of eviction from late rental, or not simply not having enough money to spend on necessities.

Tuana Sanders, General Manager of the Dubbo and Region Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Service, Western NSW Local Health District, identified a number of health and relationship problems that can arise from financial stress.

“Feelings of anxiety or guilt, an increase in arguments with loved ones and sleeping trouble, can all be symptoms of financial stress.

“From a health perspective, financial stress can cause an increase in bad eating habits, smoking, drinking and being inactive, which can create long-term, serious health issues. Research has also shown that financial and interpersonal stress can exacerbate existing health conditions,” said Ms Sanders.

Noticing a change in behaviour in a family member or loved one and encouraging them to seek professional help, could help address their problems before the behaviour gets worse.

Alternatively, people who are able to accept and deal with the reality of their financial problems may also benefit from professional support such as financial counselling services.

Free and confidential help in Dubbo is available from:

  • Lifeline - Financial Counsellor - (02) 6885 4596
  • CentaCare Wilcannia-Forbes - Financial Counsellor - (02) 6883 4600

Other free counselling and emergency mental health assistance is available on:

  • Drug & Alcohol Helpline - 1300 887 000 (information or referral to a counsellor)
  • Alcohol & Drug Information Service (ADIS) - 1800 422 599 (support and counselling)
  • Lifeline - 13 11 14
  • Mental Health Line - 1800 011 511