Feb 27
Smokers to be reminded 'best intentions' are sometimes not enough

Smokers across the State will be reminded there is ‘never a perfect time to quit’ with the return of the successful ‘Best Intentions’ anti-smoking campaign to NSW television screens tonight.

The campaign, developed by Cancer Institute NSW, previously aired in 2008/09.

It shows a father at home who is suffering from the effects of a life of smoking saying, ‘I quit every year, I was sure I was going to stop before it did me any serious damage’.

It is a timely reminder of the impact smoking can have on families and encourages smokers to take the important step; take action and quit for good.

According to research conducted by the Cancer Institute NSW the last time ‘Best Intentions’ was broadcast it had a significant impact on smokers and recent quitters who had seen the ad with:

  • 58% said it reminded them about the times they'd planned to quit and hadn’t; and
  • 60% said it highlighted the health dangers of smoking
  • 44%  reported it was worth watching

Among smokers, 55% reported that it made them think about quitting smoking in the future.

Head of Prevention at the Cancer Institute NSW Anita Dessaix said the campaign will run again to show smokers that whilst quitting smoking can be difficult, it is achievable and for those that need support there are a number of avenues available to help them kick the habit for good.

“Smoking continues to be the greatest single cause of premature death and is the leading cause of morbidity in NSW with more than 5,200 deaths caused by smoking every year,” Ms Dessaix said.

“The good news is that the message is getting through. Smoking rates in NSW continue to decline, with less than one in five (17.2%) adults now smoking, down by around 5% since 2003.

“This campaign will remind smokers that now is the best time to try and quit, for their health and wellbeing and that of their families. Help is available to assist you in this process.”

Ms Dessaix said smokers looking to quit should visit the innovative new ‘I Can Quit’ website (www.icanquit.com.au) which provides smokers with access to helpful tips and tools they need to quit, such as a savings calculator, goal-tracker and a blog populated by other smoker’s quit attempts.

NSW Quitline advisors are also available to provide personalised telephone advice and support to quit smoking on 13 QUIT (13 7848).

Mutlilingual Quitlines are also available:
ARABIC 1300 7848 03
CHINESE (Cantonese/Mandarin) 1300 7848 36
ITALIAN 1300 7848 61
VIETNAMESE 1300 7848 65
GREEK 1300 7848 59
KOREAN 1300 7848 23
SPANISH 1300 7848 25