Jun 21
Orange Health Council Congratulates Health Service On Ed Performance

The Orange Health Council has congratulated the staff of the Orange Health Service on achieving outstanding performance ratings in the latest quarterly Bureau of Health Information (BHI) report.

The Orange Health Service improved performance in the movement and treatment of an increasing number of patients in its Emergency Department (ED), as well as in reaching National Elective Surgery Targets.

Orange Health Service General Manager, Catherine Nowlan said improvement in these areas is evidence of the facility’s provision of the right care, at the right time, at the right place.

“During the January to March 2013 quarter, we experienced a significant increase in the number of seriously ill triage 1 and 2 category patients presenting at the Orange ED for treatment. For triage 1, the ED experienced a 69% increase and for triage 2, there was a massive 95% increase in the number of patients presenting at our ED,” said Ms Nowlan.

The Orange Health Council Chairman, Phil Baker said despite significant numbers of the sickest patients coming through the doors, the Health Service managed to treat 68% of all patients in four hours or less.

“More people are coming to our ED and being seen within the four hour benchmark. That shows the Orange Health Service is running efficiently and staff are working well together to provide the best patient care possible,” said Mr Baker.

“Testament to this was a recent letter received from the principal of a private Sydney school who had to take a visiting student to our ED, after breaking his arm in a rugby match. He spoke of the professionalism and superior care given by staff and the facility itself being an outstanding example of the highest level of health care provided, not only at a regional level but across the state,” he added.

In the Elective Surgery category, the Orange Health Service has also exceeded many benchmarks where 100% of urgent (or Category 1) patients received surgery within the 30 days recommended.


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