Jun 26
Go4fun Program Offered In Schools - Your Child And Sugar

Most of us are aware that eating too much sugar is not good for us.

Studies have provided conclusive evidence to confirm our increased consumption of refined foods, especially starchy and sugary foods, has had a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents.

Over consumption of highly processed, refined carbohydrate and sugars contributes significantly to the overweight and obesity in our children.

Eating and drinking highly refined foods (especially starchy or sugary foods) plays havoc with blood sugar levels causing quick highs and lows. 

This causes cravings and leads to weight gain.  These foods are often high in caloric value (fuel input) and often not balanced by exercise (fuel output).  They are also not good for our teeth.

Western NSW Local Health District works with a number of organisations to provide health promotion initiatives to encourage and promote the development of healthy lifestyle behaviours.

The FREE Go4Fun® program teaches parents and children to look at the five food groups as fuel for our bodies.

Families learn:

  • The benefits to our bodies of unrefined and unprocessed foods over refined and processed.
  • Which foods contain too much sugar
  • How to easily read and understand food labelling.
  • How to pick the friendliest foods (and there are lots of them!) by reading food labels
  • The difference between ‘cravings’ and ‘hunger’ and how we help our kids who are ‘fussy eaters’.

The program is fun and interactive, has lots of great resources and helps families adopt a long lasting and healthy approach to living.

Kids become more motivated and their attitudes and thoughts about themselves and how to be healthy, improve greatly

 Go4Fun® is designed to improve children's nutrition and physical activity behaviours and self-esteem.

Interest for programs has been expressed for Term 3 in Bathurst, Orange, Forbes, Lightning Ridge & Bourke but be quick registrations are almost closed!

Programs can be run for existing groups or you can register individually.

For information and registration: Freecall 1800 780 900.