Jul 24
New Health Manager Continues Health Journey

David Meharg has been appointed as the new Manager for Primary and Community Health at Orange Health Service.

David commenced his new position earlier this month, marking the next step in his impressive
14-year career with NSW Health.

General Manager of Orange Health Service Catherine Nowlan said it is this long history with health, and in particular community health, that makes David the ideal person for this role.

“We are delighted that David has accepted this position as he has a wealth of knowledge and experience that will really benefit the Health District and the communities it serves,” said Ms Nowlan.

“His passion for Primary Care and his strong leadership and people skills should see him achieve great things in this role,” she said.

David’s new role will see him manage a range of primary and community health services including child and family health, Aboriginal health and healthy lifestyle programs.

His qualifications include a Masters degree in Public Health, for which he graduated with Distinction, and a Masters degree in Health Services Management. David has also completed a Management Training Program with the Australian College of Health Service Executives.

Of equal significance is the extensive experience David has gained over the last 14 years, which started with a 12-month traineeship with the Rural Health Training and Development Unit upon leaving school. He then went on to work with Orange Community Health, Aboriginal Sexual Health, and the executive unit for St George Hospital.

David experience spans from the Hunter/New England where he had 12 months with the Area Health Service, to the Central West where he was Community Health Manager at Forbes and Parkes. Prior to taking on his current position he worked with the Aboriginal Population Health Training Initiative.

“I feel as though I have gone full circle. Health has given me so many opportunities which is why I have stayed here. I started in Health because of a teacher’s recommendation to do a traineeship and here I am 14 years later,” said David.

He said he is looking forward to using the knowledge he has gained, and the skills developed through his training and the various health positions held, in his new role.

“My main focus is to provide strong leadership to the experienced and committed team of health professionals at Community Health, ensuring we reflect the community’s health needs as much as possible in our service delivery.

“It’s all about improving the health of the people we serve and I am very excited about playing a part in this”.