Jul 25
New Midwifery Program For Dubbo

Dubbo Hospital Maternity is in the process of establishing a Midwifery Group Practice that will offer the women of Dubbo a further choice for care during their pregnancy.

Project Officer Judi Yeo hopes the new program, called the Western Midwifery Group (WMG), will be operating by October 2013.

“The midwifery model of care is a caseload model which will offer ‘normal risk’ women in the Dubbo area an option for continuity of midwifery care,” said Ms Yeo.

“This means they will see the same midwife throughout the period of pregnancy, childbirth and post pregnancy, which of course has many advantages”.

Up until now maternity services in Dubbo have been based on traditional hospital based care.

Western NSW Local Health District is committed to the midwifery model with the practice now established in Orange. Parkes and Bourke are in the process of developing their models.

“It’s exciting for the women of Dubbo that we will now be able to offer them a choice that I believe many will embrace,” said Ms Yeo.

”It is also a great opportunity for the staff to work to their full capabilities as midwives and to have a change from the traditional working patterns in the hospital”.

Miss Yeo feels that this is an exciting time for Dubbo Maternity as it moves into the future.

“It’s well recognised that Midwifery continuity of care models enable midwives the opportunity to work to their full scope of practice and to develop meaningful relationships with the women they care for and support.

“This is also important in successfully recruiting and retaining midwives and we are hoping that the new model will attract much needed qualified midwives as well as offering our local midwives another option”.

All current models of pregnancy care will continue to be available at Dubbo Hospital.

Midwives interested in working in this model of care should contact Midwifery Unit Manager, Jayne Lawrence on 6885 8694.

Contact: Vanessa Delaney, Media Manager Ph 6369 3833 or 0417 511 738