Aug 13
Health District Board Meets In Parkes

The Board of the Western NSW Local Health District met in Parkes last Wednesday for their monthly board meeting.

The meetings are held in a different location each month to provide Board members the opportunity to learn first hand about the community and its local health facility.

There were a variety of topics on the agenda at the meeting including developing partnerships with service providers for palliative care and support in the home; and the value of Telehealth, a national program which aims to remove some of the barriers to accessing medical services for Australians who have difficulty getting to a specialist or live in rural and remote areas.

Chief Executive of the Health District Scott McLachlan said the important role of health councils in promoting key health issues was also discussed.

“Our local health councils provide a strong link to our communities and so play a key role in providing information and advice about what local health services are available and in sharing important health promotion messages,” Mr McLachlan said.

“It was great to be in Parkes on Wednesday and to meet with several local health councils, including Lachlan Health Council, to discuss the health issues and concerns in their communities, as well as to learn about some of the positive things that are going on”.

Lachlan Health Council was represented at the Board meeting and provided an update about the recent completion of refurbishment works to the Parkes Health Service chemotherapy unit, also reporting that the redevelopment of the Lachlan Health Service, currently in design stage, was progressing rapidly.

While in Parkes, Chair of the Board Dr Robin Williams, Mr McLachlan and Board members took the opportunity to visit the site of the Parkes redevelopment.

“The delivery of this project follows many years of discussion with the community and we are looking forward to seeing it roll out and be completed so that the people of Parkes can enjoy an improved health facility that meets their needs,” Mr McLachlan said.

“We were also pleased to hear that Lachlan Health Council has been gaining valuable insight to the health needs of young people in their area by inviting students to their meetings,” Mr McLachlan said.

“This is an ideal way to hear first-hand what the issues are and to work through ways to address these issues, and exemplifies the role of a local health council”.

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