Nov 26
Donation To Cancer Service Helps Patients

Twenty cancer patients are set to benefit from the purchase of a hovermat system at Central West Cancer Service at Orange Health Service.

Orange Rotary Daybreak is donating $3255 to establish the hovermats, which Chief Radiation Therapist Rod Hammond said are air inflated mattresses which allow patients to be transferred or repositioned comfortably.

“The hovermats have been very popular with staff and patients in a recent trial,” he said.

“They allow us to transfer patients from a hospital trolley to a treatment couch much more comfortably as they cushion the patient. Often patients coming to our service are in a great deal of pain from their cancer and transferring them on a 'bed of air' is much more pain-free, which is a positive thing”.

He said hovermats are also a better system for staff.

“Transferring patients using a hovermat requires a lot less effort meaning less staff are required for transfers and less physical demand is placed on them”.

Mr Hammond said the donated funds will not only allow hovermats to be purchased for the Cancer Service, but will also enable them to buy an air supply unit that will provide ongoing benefits to cancer patients in the community. 

“We are very grateful to Orange Rotary Daybreak committing to this donation of funds,” said Mr Hammond.