Jan 28
Lots Of New Years Resolutions? Go4fun Is A Real Solution!

You may have made a New Year’s Resolution to be healthier and exercise more…..but well into January are they starting to back up?

Research suggests that only one in 12 New Year’s resolutions are achieved and we may have set ourselves for failure by selecting goals without a lot of thought to how we can change our behaviours to get there.

Go4Fun is a program the entire family can take action to reach any of those goals!

Go4Fun helps families overcome difficulties in changing children’s habits or behaviours around eating and exercise by using tools such as goal and reward setting, modelling and triggers. Setting small steps and setting yourself up for success are key to achieving New Year’s resolutions.

Kids in Go4Fun play non-competitive games and do fun activities to help build strength and fitness.

Families learn practical tips on shopping, cooking, label reading and fats and sugars.  With improved nutrition knowledge and eating behaviours, kids feel better, are much happier and achieve more. 

The Go4Fun program teaches you how to make changes, having a go and getting involved. Groups work together as a team to support and motivate each other in a friendly, fun way.

In just one term you can make a significant head-start to achieving lifetime change for your family and reap the benefits for yourself too.

Local mum Viv Evans brought her daughter along and shared her opinion of Go4Fun:

“What a great program! So many practical ways to improve all our family’s health. The contents in our fridge and pantry contain healthier filling food.”

A young participant, Leah, said: “I learnt how to be more active with my family and how to read and change my decisions about labels.  Also how to drink 6-8 cups of water a day!”  Picture the savings on soft drink!

Addressing obesity is a bigger picture than we realise. Your resolution to join Go4Fun is how we can reduce the current figures of 1 in 4 children suffering its effects.

Go4Fun is a FREE program supporting 7-13 year olds above their healthy weight range and it is available on your doorstep! Programs are running in Western and Far West NSW.

For information and registration; Freecall 1800 780 900or go online www.go4fun.com.au

MEDIA: For more information contact
Central West Project Officer Chad Parkes 0408 603 457
Western and Far West Go4Fun Coordinator Jennifer Hunt 0427 422 092

Go4Fun is the registeredname for the MEND program in NSW and is funded via the Centre of health Advancement in NSW Health.

MEND(Mind, Exercise, Nutrition...Do it!) is a social enterprise which was established in 2004 to enable a significant, measurable and sustained reduction in global childhood overweight and obesity levels. The MEND Program was developed at Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Institute of Child Health, University College London. The course is now available internationally and is completely free of charge to participants through support from Healthy Schools and Community Funding from the Federal Government, along with support from local community health services, Girl Guides Victoria and YMCA.