Jan 30
Cobar Health Service Provides Bin For Safe Sharps Disposal

Cobar Health Service wishes to advise the community of the location of their community ‘sharps’ bin so that community generated sharps can be disposed of safely.

Cobar Health Service Nurse Manager Genie McMullen said community sharps are any items or implements that have an edge or point that can cut or puncture and include syringes, lancets, insulin pen tips, needles and Epipens.

“Community sharps can be generated in a number of ways, often by people with diabetes who are on insulin injections, by those on chemotherapy, or those on injections for various other medical conditions,” Genie said.

 She said the community sharps bin has been installed by the Health District to allow community members who generate sharps waste to dispose of them safely and easily.

 “We ask people to place any sharps in a puncture proof container to transport them to the bin to help prevent any sharps injuries and also remind people that the disposals bin is for community use, not for private businesses, who have access to their own sharps disposal”.

The large yellow sharps bin is located at the after-hours entrance to the hospital for easy access 24 hours a day. For convenience, community members do not need to enter the hospital building to hand over the sharps.

To report inappropriate disposal of sharps, contact the NSW Needle Clean-up Hotline on
1800 633 353. To find out where your nearest disposal bin is anywhere in Australia visit the Safe Sharp web site at www.safesharps.org.au/.

Further details can be obtained by contacting Mary Urquhart, Health Service Manager, Cobar Health Service on 02 6836 0211.

Media Contact: Vanessa Delaney, Media Manager Ph 6369 3833 or 0417 511 738