Apr 10
Every Dollar Stays With Your Local Health Facility When Using

Did you know that by using your private health insurance at Orange Health Service you will contribute to enhancing its services?

The money received from your private health fund stays with the hospital when you choose to use your private health insurance at your local public health facility.

Western NSW Local Health District Chief Executive of Scott McLachlan said that people who are already investing in private health insurance can maximise their benefits further for the benefit of themselves and their community.

“We are not asking people to take out private health insurance if they haven’t already, but we are encouraging those who do have it to take the option of using it in their public health facility,” he said.

Mr McLachlan said there are lot of misconceptions about using private health insurance.

“What some people don’t realise is that by using their private health insurance at our hospitals and facilities they are guaranteed that any excess or co-payment for the costs of their stay will be waived”.

Local resident Danielle Alcroft recently used her private health insurance when receiving treatment at Orange Health Service and encourages others to do the same.

“There were no out of pocket expenses, the excess is considered paid, and the hospital looked after all of the paperwork,” she said.

 “I had access to my preferred specialist but what I really like is that Orange Health Service benefited from my private health funds which will then benefit the community”.

As part of Commonwealth and State government’s Australian Health Care Agreement (2004), patients are always given the option to use their private health insurance when accessing medical services in Western NSW LHD hospitals and facilities.

“Whether or not you use private health insurance, the standard of care does not change but if you have private health insurance, why not use it?” said Ms Alcroft.

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