Mar 11
Using Your Private Health Insurance Benefits Your Local Health Facility

Western NSW Local Health District is encouraging people with private health insurance to use their insurance when using public health facilities and services.

Chief Executive Scott McLachlan said the Health District wants people to know that using private health insurance in public facilities benefits patients, facilities and the community.

 Mr McLachlan said both the community and public health facilities benefit from patients using their private health insurance in our hospitals.

 “We can raise significant funds every year through private patient insurance revenue and the community benefits as this additional revenue stays with the local facilities,” he said.

Research has shown that people who use public health facilities often do not use their private insurance as they think that if they do use it, there will be additional costs to them.

“There are lot of misconceptions out there and what some people don’t realise is that by using their private health insurance at our hospitals and facilities they are guaranteed that any excess or co-payment for the costs of their stay will be waived,” Mr McLachlan said.

 “We will ensure they are not out of pocket with hospital generated medical and diagnostic service costs when they use their private health insurance”.

As part of Commonwealth and State government’s Australian Health Care Agreement (2004), patients are always given the option to use their private health insurance when accessing medical services in Western NSW LHD hospitals and facilities.

“We urge people to seriously consider taking this option whether it’s in the Emergency Department, Maternity Unit, having elective surgery, or seeing one of our specialists,” Mr McLachlan said.


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