Feb 25
Health District Advises On Future Of Old Gulgong Hospital Building

The Chief Executive of the Western NSW Local Health District last night met with Gulgong community representatives about the future of the Old Gulgong Hospital Building.

Scott McLachlan initiated the meeting in response to a draft business plan he received from the Old Gulgong Hospital Building committee seeking to renovate the old hospital building and develop it to provide additional health services for the Gulgong community. 

The NSW Government has committed $7M to build the new Gulgong MPS, which when completed in the coming weeks will allow for greater integration of services for the local community, while also providing high care for residential aged care services.

"Upon consideration of the draft business plan from the Old Gulgong Hospital Building Committee the District remains supportive of the Development Application (D/A) to demolish the remains of the old building," said Mr McLachlan.

"The community group must be commended for their efforts in compiling the plan and for showing initiative to seek alternative funding sources, however funding is not available for these sources and time is running out. The demolition of the old building is part of the scope of the MPS project and we have a finite window of opportunity to complete the works," said Scott McLachlan.

"The District is not able to fund the renovation or ongoing associated costs of maintaining the old building," he said.

“I completely understand the historical significance of the old building and the importance of retaining the history of the old hospital where many Gulgong residents have very strong ties and memories.

"We have ensured that the D/A for the demolition of the old building seeks approval to create a memorial wall commemorating the hospital by using parts of the old building and I am keen to support the local community in ensuring the history of the hospital is remembered," said Mr McLachlan.

“Western NSW Local Health District’s focus must be on frontline services and ensuring our community has access to quality, timely health care.

“The new $7 million Gulgong MPS will be vital to ensuring best care is provided to the community.

“Multi-Purpose Services play a vital role in the delivery of health care to communities across the state because they provide tailored care, specific to local patient needs.”

The Committee's proposal has also identified a number of services that could have been delivered from the old building should it be retained.

"I was very happy to be able to meet with the Health Council, the Old Gulgong Hospital Building Committee and the General Manager of the Mid-Western Regional Council, Mr Warwick Bennett to explore some opportunities and solutions for the delivery of some of the suggested primary health services”.

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