Jun 18
Progressing The Health Of The Blayney Community

The availability of emergency services is the highest health priority for the Blayney community according to the results of a recent Healthy Community Survey conducted by Blayney Health Council.

Health promotion and healthy lifestyle programs, health related transport and increased awareness of health and local health services were other issues which have been listed in the Community Consultation Report which outlines the survey results.

Blayney Health Service Manager Kathy Hillier said this is the second health community survey completed, with the first one taking place in 2007/2008.   

“Results from the previous survey were used as part of our business planning processes and to obtain funding for our HealthOne Service, which shows how important and valuable this community consultation survey is,” she said.

“We decided it was time to revisit our community to see what changes have occurred over the past five years”.

The survey covered a range of topics from how people rate their own health and what their health concerns are to what they like about living in Blayney and the type of lifestyle they have.

 “Now that the survey has been collated and the report finalised, our Health Council can determine the areas in which they may be able to make a difference. We also encourage other community groups and organisations to use this report when doing their business planning,” said Ms Hillier.

Blayney Health Council Chairperson Suellen Cook said proposed actions from outcomes in the Report will be considered alongside other Health District planning to inform the ongoing business and service planning processes for Blayney Health Service.

“We will also ensure that any future work is aligned with the Local Health District Strategic Health Services Plan,” Ms Cook said.

“We would like to thank everyone in the community who took part in the survey and we will be keeping our community groups updated on how we are progressing”.