Apr 06
Radiotherapy patients tune into treatment

Music will offer a welcome escape for cancer patients undergoing treatment at the new Orange General Hospital, thanks to a generous donation of iPods for the Central West Cancer Services Unit.

The Orange Prostate Cancer Support Group has donated 3 iPods and accessories worth more than $1200 to the Hospital, which will help patients relax into their treatment.

Prostate Cancer Ambassador Barry Spilstead said music has great therapeutic benefits for patients.

“Music gives patients a focus during their procedure, while providing relaxation in what can be a daunting clinical environment,” said Mr Spilstead.

Volunteers from the Orange Prostate Cancer Support Group raised money for the iPods by touring Western NSW to talk with various community and corporate groups about cancer and to boost awareness about the importance of getting tested.

“I’ve fought prostate cancer twice in my lifetime and I know first hand how intimidating cancer treatments can be. We’re honoured to make this donation to the Hospital, and to help other patients feel at ease during their journey to recovery,” said Mr Spilstead.

Chief Radiation Therapist Rodney Hammond said staff from the Cancer Services Unit are extremely appreciative of the gesture.

“Most of our procedures and treatments are relatively quick, usually around 15 minutes, but it’s important for patients to feel at ease immediately and music helps this process,” said Mr Hammond.

“Our patients are already dealing with the anxiety of fighting cancer, and facing big machines during treatment can add to this fear. Now our patients will be able to listen to their favourite songs, which is big help.”

Barry Spilstead will be presenting the iPods to Cancer Services staff on Wednesday 6 April at 9:30am.