Jun 24
Take Up The Challenge During Drug Action Week

Western NSW Local Health District’s Bathurst Drug and Alcohol team is marking this year’s Drug Action Week with a unique event on Friday 27 June at Kelso Centrepoint Shopping Centre.

The “Take up the Challenge” event will focus on activities about people’s understanding of what a standard drink is.

Drug and Alcohol Counsellor Tracy Allen said alcohol is the most common drug that people seek treatment for, so it’s appropriate that education around alcohol consumption is provided in the community during Drug Action Week.

“There is often some confusion about what a standard drink is, meaning people could be drinking more alcohol than they realise,” Tracy said.

“In fact one in five Australians over 14 years drink at levels that put them at risk of alcohol related harm over their lifetime”.

National Health and Medical Research Council Australian alcohol guidelines for low risk drinking recommend healthy men and women aged over 18 years:

  • Should drink no more than two standard drinks on any day to reduce the lifetime risk of harm from alcohol related disease or injury.
  • Should drink no more than four standard drinks on a single occasion to reduce the risk of alcohol related injury arising from that occasion.
  • The guidelines also recommend that the safest option for young people under 18 years is not to drink Children under 15 years of age are at the greatest risk of harm from drinking and should not drink alcohol.
  • For young people aged 15 -17 years the safest option is to delay the initiation of drinking for as long as possible.
  • The safest option for pregnant or breastfeeding woman is not to drink.

“We hope that this fun challenge will help people improve their understanding of standard drinks and therefore how much alcohol they are actually drinking,” Tracy said.

Prizes will be awarded to participants who are able to successfully pour one standard drink of alcohol.

“Prizes include mocktails, which are cocktails without alcohol, giving people the chance to see that you can enjoy a delicious drink without the alcohol”.

The Drug and Alcohol team will be on hand at the event to provide information and resources on a wide range of drug and alcohol issues, with representatives including several Aboriginal Health Workers there on the day.

The Take up the Challenge event will take place between 10.00am and 2.00pm.

Helpful information:

  • Referral to Western NSW Local Health District’s Drug and Alcohol Service is via The Drug and Alcohol Helpline which is available during business hours on 1300 887 000. The Drug and Alcohol Service can also be directly contacted on 6330 5850.
  • The Bathurst branch of Alcoholics Anonymous meets as follows:
    Tuesdays, 8.00pm at Uniting Church Hall, Bathurst
    STEPS meetings: Fridays at 7pm and Sundays at 10am at the BINC, 96 Russell Street
  • For 24hour confidential information, referral and crisis counselling the Alcohol Drug and Alcohol Information Service can be contacted on 1800 422 599.
  • For families seeking information and assistance Family Drug Support Australia has a 24hour support line 1300 368 186.    
  • Alcohol and Drug information: Information and resources on a range of topics for parents and service providers. Ph. 1300 858 584
  • Mental Health Line:  1800 011 511

 Media Contact: Vanessa Delaney 0417 511 738