Jul 14
Orange Encourages Check-ups During National Diabetes Week

Orange Health Service is encouraging people to book an appointment to have a check-up for diabetes at their GP during National Diabetes Week (13-19 July).

Diabetes is Australia’s fastest-growing chronic disease with more than one million Australians already diagnosed. Another Australian is diagnosed with diabetes every five minutes.

Primary and Community Health Manager David Meharg said the 2014 theme for National Diabetes Week is ‘Diabetes and a Healthy Mind’.

“This year we hope to bring attention to the fact that there are emotional and psychological complications of diabetes that people may not be aware of,” Mr Meharg said.

“Many people may be familiar that heart disease, blindness and kidney disease are symptoms of diabetes, however fewer people may be aware that people with diabetes can also suffer from stress and depression as a result.”

People are encouraged to visit checkmyrisk.org.au to check their risk of type 2 diabetes and read facts about diabetes including a variety of personal stories about people with the disease.

Orange Primary and Community Health can offer general advice and information about diabetes. Please contact Orange Primary and Community Health on (02) 6369 3300 for further information.

Media Contact: Brendan Williams, Communications and Engagement Officer Western NSW Local Health District on (02) 6369 3287 or Brendan.Williams@health.nsw.gov.au