Jul 23
New Health Care Model Proposed For Blayney

Blayney residents are set to benefit from a new model of care currently being developed by the Blayney Multi Purpose Centre (MPS).

The proposed Blayney Integrated Primary, Urgent and Ambulatory Care Centre will enhance the current nurse-led emergency service, which has been in operation since early 2010 following the withdrawal of two Visiting Medical Officer GPs from the Emergency Department.

Health Service Manager Kathy Hillier said attempts to recruit a medical practitioner to support the Blayney MPS emergency services have been unsuccessful, so it was essential that the MPS looked at other ways to provide health care to the community that didn’t just centre on emergency care, but took an integrated approach.

“After extensive consultation we are proposing a new model which will provide patient-centred, continuing, coordinated and comprehensive care which is more than emergency care alone”.

The new Centre will focus on providing the right care in the right place at the right time, quality of care and sustainability of services.

“It will focus on a cooperative partnership between services which relies on a teamwork environment between medical practitioners, primary health and MPS staff,” Ms Hillier said.

“We want to integrate services to assist in addressing the complex needs of a variety of patients so that they can experience as smooth a journey as possible”.

Ms Hillier said the Integrated Primary, Urgent and Ambulatory Care Centre will emphasise wellness, education, prevention, promotion and management of chronic disease, as well as focus on reducing hospital avoidable admissions in a sustainable way.

The proposed model of care involves the provision of a strong, integrated Primary Health Care Centre Service/ Ambulatory Care Service with urgent care capabilities. It will cover both booked and unplanned presentations. Blayney MPS is currently preparing to conduct a six-month trial of the new service.

“A lot of work still needs to be undertaken before we undergo the trial and we are now in this first phase of preparation,” Ms Hillier said.

“Once this work is undertaken we can commence the trial, which will be then be evaluated before recommendations for the future service provision are made.

“We are very excited about the future with this new Centre and look forward to working with Blayney Health Council, staff and community in its establishment”.

Media Contact: Vanessa Delaney 0417 511 738