Jul 31
New Midwife-led Care Option For Bathurst Families

Bathurst Health Service Maternity Unit is offering a new option in maternity services to local families.

From 5 August women planning on giving birth at Bathurst Health Service can access a free Midwifery Pregnancy Care Clinic (MPCC), which is led by midwives.

Coordinator of the Clinic Susannah Robinson said MPCC will offer pregnancy care to women with a normal risk pregnancy, either on its own or as a combination of care with their GP.

“The new Clinic will provide local women with another choice when accessing antenatal care,” she said.

“The clinic will be staffed with midwives from the Maternity ward which will help to link women and their family to the service before the baby is born. It can provide all antenatal care and education through our midwives, or women can choose to share care with their GP”.

Midwifery-led care encourages the sharing of information and aims to incorporate and respect each individual woman’s physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs.

“Midwives practice within a wellness model, and view pregnancy, labour and birth as a healthy, life transforming event,” Ms Robinson said.

“The Midwifery-led Clinic can offer something different to traditional care; another option for women to consider when thinking about their pregnancy and birthing options”.

The service is available to women with normal risk pregnancies.

“Midwives will not hesitate to refer women onto obstetric and other specialty care if there is any indication of complications,” Ms Robinson said.

The Midwifery-led Antenatal Clinic model of care was introduced as a NSW Health Initiative as a result of the needs and preferences by women themselves to have greater choice in maternity care and to promote normal birth whenever possible.

“The Bathurst Midwifery Clinic has a small consumer group who have provided their desire to have greater choice in maternity care at the local level so we are really excited about providing this to the Bathurst community,” said Ms Robinson.

Appointments to be assessed can be made by calling the Clinic during business hours on 6330 5297 or 6330 5570. GP referrals and self-referrals are welcome.