Aug 18
Quit Smoking During Quit-tember

Grenfell smokers are being encouraged to get involved in a campaign to assist them quit smoking during September.

The “Quit-tember” campaign is being organised by Grenfell Community Health in conjunction with Western NSW Medicare Local and will kick off with an information seminar on Wednesday, 27 August at the Grenfell Hub.

The “Smoking – The Facts & Tips for Quitting” seminar will be presented by Tobacco Treatment Specialist Sally Bembrick, Nicotine Dependence & Smoking Cessation Coordinator Western NSW Local Health District.

“There are so many fallacies about smoking and the best ways to quit smoking, and this seminar aims to lay it all on the line so those attending can become better informed,” Sally said.

“People will learn about their own level of dependence, and the differences between physical addiction to nicotine and psychological dependence on smoking”.

People wanting to give up smoking, those supporting someone to quit and anyone with an interest in nicotine addiction are encouraged to attend the seminar.

“It’s important that everyone has a good understanding of nicotine addiction and the challenges faced by those trying to quit smoking. Every smoker is different and it is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to treating and supporting smokers,” Sally said.

The seminar covers a range of topics that include the immediate benefits of quitting, whether cutting down actually works, medications for quitting and how to use them correctly, facts and fallacies associated with nicotine dependence and quitting.

“I will also provide information on how to avoid or minimise withdrawals symptoms and tips on how to prevent a relapse”. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers during the seminar..

The seminar will be held on Wednesday, 27 August from 6-8 pm, the Grenfell Hub. Registrations and more details are also available by phoning Jenny Napier, Grenfell Community Health on 6349 1777. Please register by Monday, 25 August.