Sep 04
Orange Health Service Continues To Provide Right Care At The Right Place At The Right Time

Orange Health Service has continued to perform well with respect to elective surgery and Emergency Department waiting times in the latest data released by the Bureau of Health Information (BHI) today.

The BHI Report for the April to June 2014 quarter reveals how public hospitals across the State are performing in relation to NSW Ministry of Health benchmarks and targets.

Elective surgery activity for the quarter demonstrates patients at Orange Health Service continued to receive elective surgery within the recommended clinical time frame defined in the urgent (30 days), semi-urgent (90 days) and non-urgent (365 days) categories. The percentage of urgent patients who received elective surgery within the clinically recommended timeframe of 30 days was 100%. 99% of patients received surgery within the recommended timeframe for semi-urgent elective surgery (1% improvement compared to same period last year), while 95% of non-urgent patients received surgery within the timeframe of 365 days.

Median waiting times for ear, nose and throat surgery (84 days) improved significantly by 220 days compared to the same period last year (304 days) and the waiting times for gynaecology, urology, cystoscopy, and tonsillectomy surgery also decreased.

The BHI report shows that 6,653 people arrived at Orange Health Service’s Emergency Department (ED) during the quarter, compared to 6,499 for same period last year, representing a 2%. As the trauma centre for the region, a 39% increase in Triage 1 (Emergency Resuscitation) presentation reflects Orange Health Service’s commitment to providing the Right Care at the Right Place at the Right Time.

The ED recorded 75% of patients leaving the ED within four hours of their arrival, compared to 66% for same period last year; a significant improvement. The median time between patients arriving and leaving the ED was two hours and 28 minutes; 28 minutes less than for the same period last year and 21 minutes less than the NSW average.

The Orange Health Service team is proud of its achievements for this quarter and continues to strive to maintain excellence in the delivery of health care.