Sep 22
Be Younique - Celebrating Our Strengths And Weaknesses

Western NSW Local Health District’s Dubbo Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol Health Promotion and Prevention Unit is holding a host of activities during October in celebration of Mental Health Month, with the theme of ‘Be YOUnique’.

Mental Health Month is a national mental health promotional campaign funded by the Ministry of Health every year in October.

This year, the Health District is continuing to work in partnership with various non-government organisations in holding activities and events including information stalls at the Farmers Markets in Lions Park Dubbo, a Family Fun Day, and Movie night at Old Dubbo Gaol.

Health Promotion and Prevention Officer, Yvonne Muyambi said these are just a few of the events taking place.

“We will also be holding training days in Mental Health First, Suicide Intervention Skills; and walks to raise postnatal depression awareness and suicide awareness,” she said.

The information stalls at the Farmer’s Markets on 4 and 18 September aim to raise mental health awareness with brochures and information about mental illness and local mental health services located in Dubbo and surrounding regions.

Mental health issues will affect one in five Australians every year. Anxiety disorders are often the most common mental health challenge, followed by depression. Mental Health Month creates an opportunity for people to look at how they are feeling and focus on ways in which they can enhance their social and emotional wellbeing, thereby building their personal resilience and support networks.

“This year’s theme of ‘Be YOUnique promotes the importance of being ourselves and celebrating our strengths and weaknesses,” Ms Muyambi said.

“It also promotes an understanding of the impact that being proud of our own individuality can have on our wellbeing. We should also take the opportunity to support the people in our lives and celebrate their own individual qualities that make them unique”.

For more information about local activities and events during Mental Health Month, visit or or call into the Information Stall at the Dubbo Farmers Markets on Saturday 4th and 18th October 2014.

Anyone with concerns about their mental health or that of a loved one should call the Mental Health Line on free call 1800 011 511 or contact their General Practitioner (GP). For further information regarding Mental Health Month visit .