Mar 20
Blayney Health Service Supports “you Just Don’t Smoke Around Hospitals” Campaign

Blayney Health Service is the latest site to embrace the message the You just don’t smoke around hospitals as part of a Local Health District-wide push to shift smoke away from patients, staff and visitors attending health services.

Following the launch of the campaign on 28 October 2014, the Blayney Health Service will play host to campaign banners that are travelling the district to spread word to the public that health grounds are not a place to light up.

Blayney Health Service Manager Kathleen Hillier said Blayney Health Service has a trained smoking cessation nurse available for consultations is staff or patients or community members want to give up smoking.

These resources form part of a range of strategies to support the creation of sustainable, healthy, smoke-free public spaces, and are a key part of Health Promotion’s World No Tobacco Day activities in the area.

Western NSW Local Health District Manager for Health Promotion Lyndal O’Leary said the campaign has been used with success in other parts of the state.

“With so many of our communities living with the negative health impacts of tobacco, it’s important that we make sure all our facilities are supportive healthy environments,” she said.

“The new Smoke free Environment legislation has shone a focus onto our performance in meeting the NSW Health policy on being smoke free. All Western NSW Health sites are totally smoke-free and we need to get that message out to the community and to our staff.”

Ms O’Leary said anyone wanting to light up will have to make sure that they leave health service grounds.

“We recognise that for staff and patients who smoke this is going to be a challenge so there will be Nicotine Replacement Therapy available to assist people to quit or manage during their stay with us.”

Community support to make smoke-free health services a reality is seen as an integral part of this campaign.

“It’s going to take commitment and cooperation from everyone to make this change permanent. We need to get the message out that health services are places where any smoking is just not acceptable anymore,” Ms. O’Leary said.

Remember: You just don’t smoke around hospitals.

For more information: Karen Lloyd Health Promotion Officer 02 6841 2292