Jun 09
Workshop Helps Medical Professionals To Understand Organ Donation

Organ donation is an option that people are often asked to think about; in particular the importance of knowing whether their loved ones agree to have their organs donated in the unfortunate event of their death.

Orange donation conversations are usually lead by medical personnel nurses and social workers, who talk with families regarding this option during this difficult time.

Western NSW Local Health District Donation Specialist Sonia Braithwaite said a workshop planned for June 12 will be held at Orange Hospital to assist Intensive Care, Emergency Department, Operating Room nurses, social workers and chaplains in this role.

“It’s really important that our staff are equipped to have these important and sensitive conversations about organ donation, and are able to support families at this difficult time,” Ms Braithwaite said.

The Australasian Donor Awareness Program (ADAPT) workshop is being run by Donate Life and aims to provide participants with a greater understanding of grief and loss and the communication needs of families who face the sudden death of a family member.

“This ADAPT workshop is held once a year at the hospital to ensure that clinical staff have the opportunity to develop their skills and be able to support families and feel confident with their ability to have these sensitive conversations about death and organ and tissue donation.

“Dealing with the death of a loved one is extremely difficult, and often even more so when it’s an unexpected death. Families need to be able to reach out to someone to try to make sense of it all and this generally happens with our nurses and social workers in the hospital,” Ms Braithwaite said.

For more information about organ donation you can visit DonateLife.gov.au or contact the Australian Organ Donor Register on 1800 777 203.

Media Opportunity: Media are invited to attend the ADAPTworkshop and speak with participants at 10.30am on Friday 12 June at the Orange Health Service Community Health.