Jun 12
Your Shopping Guide: Simple Ideas For Healthy Food Shopping

The Wellington Heathy Town Challenge has some good advice about how to shop healthily, which is helpful when trying to achieve your health goals.

The easiest thing you can do while food shopping is by shopping the perimeter of the supermarket. Did you know that you can avoid buying all the less healthy foods by not walking into the middle of the shop? Think of your local supermarket and you’ll soon realise that all the soft drinks, chocolates and lollies are in the middle aisles. So the best way to avoid temptation is by not walking pass them at all!

Simple other tips for easy and healthy food shopping –

• Write a shopping list BEFORE you go shopping and stick to your plan.

• Set aside a maximum budget for spending on unhealthy (high energy and high fat) snacks and lollies (and reduce this amount each time you go shopping).

• Learn how to read food and drink labels so you can properly understand nutritional panels.

• Write yourself a reminder of unhealthy foods and drinks you should avoid and reward yourself for every week you don’t give into temptation.

The dietitian at the Wellington Health Service and Wellington Aboriginal Health Service can provide further information and support you in this area. For more information on Wellington’s Healthy Town Challenge, call Wellington Health Service on (02) 6840 7210 or Wellington Aboriginal Corporate Health Services on (02) 6845 3545 - ask us about current activities happening in our town and how YOU can get involved!