Jul 24
Tottenham And Tullamore: Healthy Towns Challenge Winner

Western NSW Local Health District (LHD) is delighted with the recent announcement that Tottenham/Tullamore has won the inaugural NSW Healthy Towns Challenge. An official presentation will be made on Tuesday, 28 July at Tottenham to celebrate the achievement.

The Healthy Towns Challenge is a state initiative to help smaller communities become healthier by facilitating local partnerships between agencies, businesses and individuals with an interest in improving overall health in the towns.

Tottenham/Tullamore has taken out this year’s prize after competing with four other towns from around the State, including Wellington. Each town’s collective progress towards a healthy weight, based on the people who participated in NSW Health’s Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service, was used to select the overall winner by the Centre for Population Health.

Western NSW LHD Chief Executive Scott McLachlan said the Tottenham/Tullamore Healthy Town Challenge Governance Committee, comprising of the Tottenham/Tullamore Health Council, Community Nurses and staff are to be applauded for their enthusiasm and the health outcomes gained by the community in participating in the Healthy Towns Challenge.

“Around 10 per cent of Tottenham and Tullamore’s population enrolled in the Get Healthy Service and the participants lost a combined total of 100kg during the challenge,” he said.

“These are fantastic results and are a great foundation for continuing to promote good health in these communities”.

Tottenham/Tullamore Healthy Towns Challenge participants Barbara Cooper, Jenny Harvey and Jan Ryan are very happy to have been involved in the Challenge and look forward to enjoying the ongoing benefits for their health.

“Initially I was taking the Get Healthy phone calls to stay in the Challenge, however as the calls continued throughout the Challenge and beyond they have encompassed other health issues for me besides losing weight and have been very helpful and useful,” Barbara said.

“My Get Healthy coach was very knowledgeable and helpful. The service is great, particularly when I live in a small town where these services are not readily available".

“I didn't join to lose weight – for me the Challenge was all about getting healthy and changing my lifestyle," Jenny said.

”The Healthy Town Challenge provided tools for my quest to eat less and move more," Jan said.

Chairman of Tottenham/Tullamore Healthy Town Challenge Governance Committee, Richard Clegg said participants have reported a noticeable improvement in their feeling of well-being and there appears to be a commitment from many participants to continue with their favourite activities.

“A range of activities were well supported during the Challenge, contributing to its success. These included aqua aerobics, zumba dancing, a walking group, bike riding, golf clinics and tai chi.

“In addition there has been a renewed interest in established sports such as tennis, soccer and cricket,” he said.

“With an overwhelming 10% of the population participating in the Challenge, combined with the improved well-being and the lasting benefits of the Walking Track and Fitness Park, we can only describe the experience as remarkably rewarding.

“Our sincere appreciation goes to The Heart Foundation, NSW Health for their initiative and support and to all those involved in the co-ordination and running of the program”.

All involved with the Tottenham/Tullamore Healthy Town Challenge are invited to attend the presentation of the plaques and prize money by Director of the Office of Preventative Health Chris Rissel on Tuesday, 28 July at 12.15pm at Tottenham Sports Centre. An informal get-together will be held at Tullamore Bowling Club at 10.00am to for those unable to attend the official presentation.

Applications for the next round of the NSW Healthy Town Challenge will be invited in September 2015. For details on the first challenge run, visit: http://www.preventivehealth.net.au/-healthy-towns-challenge.html

For more information about the Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service please visit www.gethealthynsw.com.au or phone 1300 806 258.