Aug 19
Two New Orthopaedic Specialist Appointed At Bathurst

The recent appointment of two additional orthopaedic surgeons at Bathurst Health Service (BHS) means the enhancement of orthopaedic services for the Bathurst community is now a reality.

Following an announcement earlier this year, recruitment for the two new permanent orthopaedic surgeons is now complete, with Dr Peter Kilby and Dr Lachlan Host appointed at Bathurst Hospital. The new doctors will provide additional services to the current visiting orthopaedic surgeons from Orange.

Bathurst Health Service General Manager Sue Patterson said the Bathurst community is already providing positive feedback about the additional services.

“Dr Kilby is busy in the fracture clinic - local people are very happy to have their broken bones managed in Bathurst,” she said.

“Our community should be able to have their health care delivered as close to their home as possible and we are pleased to have the capacity and skills to be able to deliver this care”.

Ms Patterson said the hospital is looking forward to Dr Lachlan Host joining Dr Kilby and the orthopaedic team early next year.

Member for Bathurst Paul Toole said he is very pleased about the new appointments and welcomes Drs Kilby and Host to the Bathurst community.

“This is great outcome as result of community effort and it’s wonderful to see the health needs of the Bathurst community continued to be met,” he said. 

“The people of Bathurst deserve to have access to these services in their local hospital so they don’t need to travel. It’s great news for the community”. 

Over the last 18 months, recruitment of several specialists at Bathurst Hospital has resulted in increased capacity to perform a range of services. These include anaesthetics, general medicine, paediatrics and now orthopaedics. Increased resourcing in orthopaedics in particular will allow a more comprehensive range of orthopaedic surgery to be performed supported by a highly skilled anaesthetic, specialist medical and nursing workforce. The result of this is that patients with health problems can undergo a wider range of surgery at Bathurst and the need to travel will be reduced.