Aug 27
Planning Together For A Healthier Community

Lachlan Health Council and Health Service staff met this week to share ideas and strategies on how they can work together to improve health outcomes for the communities of Forbes and Parkes.

The day was spent with senior managers of Lachlan Health Service, members of Lachlan Health Council and representatives from Forbes and Parkes Shire Councils exploring what was working well with the two communities and workshopping opportunities for community involvement in health improvement projects.

Lachlan Health Council Co-Chairs Dan Herbert and Malcolm Stacey agreed that the day was well spent with much discussion on the benefits of community engagement, the role of the Health Council and ways to build on partnerships with the health service. 

“One key area identified from the workshop was communication, how we share information and ways to involve the community more” said Malcolm.

“Another important area we looked at was new ways of getting community feedback such as social media, so that we can reach all age groups” said Dan.

Lachlan Health Service Manager Liz Mitchell said it was good to learn about each other’s experiences and use that to explore opportunities for further community engagement.

“With the redevelopment of Parkes and Forbes Health Facilities nearing completion it is time to start looking at how we can include community input as part of everyday business as well as on special health projects” she said.

The Health Council and Health Service will be building on the ideas from the day and looking at how they can be put into action.