Sep 11
Sharps Disposal Bins For The Trundle Community

Residents and visitors to the Trundle town area can now safely dispose of community sharps at a new location at Trundle Multipurpose Service (MPS), 44 Brookview St, Trundle.

Trundle MPS and Western NSW Local Health District are delighted to let the community of Trundle know about the recent installation of a yellow 120 Litre community sharps disposal bin at the MPS.

Trundle MPSHealth Service Manager Kate Power said access to the free sharps disposal service would benefit many people who rely on using needles, syringes and finger prick lancets to maintain their own health or that of a family member, as well as people providing animal healthcare to their pets or livestock.

“People with medical conditions requiring self-injection in the home (such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis or renal failure) require a safe place to discard their needles and syringes, she said.

“The availability of these new disposal facilities is an important way to actively encourage both residents and visitors to the community to safely dispose of their community sharps”.

Ms Power said that with more people treating themselves in the home, people should ensure their community sharps are always kept secure and separate from other wastes.

“Needles, syringes, and other equipment such as finger prick lancets that are used to treat medical conditions in the home should be placed into community sharps disposal bins or other disposal services provided at the Health Service,” she said.

Visit  to find your nearest sharps disposal bin.

Contact the NSW Needle Clean-up Hotline on 1800 633 353 if you find sharps.