Oct 26
“Beyond The Measurements” a Canowindra Community Health Initiative

It’s the message we hear over and over: that to have a healthy mind and body we need to eat a healthy diet, exercise, sleep well and be in control of our emotions. What we don’t hear so loudly is how we manage a healthy diet, physical activity and our emotions to be healthy when we are overweight.  Weight management is often thought to be diet and exercise related with little thought given to the most common barrier of weight loss and the maintenance of weight loss: “emotional eating”.

Canowindra Community Health Centre is offering the community a new healthy lifestyle program called “Beyond the Measurements” or BTM, commencing on 17 November. This program offers personalized individual exercise programs, dietary, behavioural and emotional support in a group setting for individuals who have struggled with weight management.

The program as the name suggests is not only focused on diet and exercise but will consider emotions and behaviours related to food and eating. If  you have struggled with your weight management, tried many fad diets, stopped and started exercise programs, eat when your happy, sad or bored and would like support to improve your health and lifestyle this group may offer the support needed to begin your healthy lifestyle journey.

The group program will be facilitated by Physiotherapist Ashley Wright, Dietitian Leslie Tang and Social Worker Anna Cobb, who with their expertise will support participants to commence their journey to a healthy lifestyle. Ashley is a well-known physiotherapist who has worked in this community for many years with knowledge and expertise in exercise prescription, individual and group programing and community needs. Leslie is passionate and dedicated to assisting individuals improve their health and reduce risk of disease through the education and implementation of healthy eating. Anna has a strong interest and expertise in behaviour and emotional eating which often is the barrier to a healthy lifestyle.

The program will offer participants an exercise program personalized to their abilities, healthy eating and dietary support and advice on emotional and behavioural strategies to assist with a healthy lifestyle journey. It consists of five sessions with the possibility of further sessions that will run for 60 minutes. The sessions will each have an exercise component, education and group discussions. The program commences on the 17th November at 5.30pm with a cost of $20.00.

To be eligible for the program you must have a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30. To calculate your body mass index it is your weight divided by your height in metres squared for example 120 kgs divided by 1.71m2 = 41.03.  Your BMI can also be calculated using the following link: http://www.gethealthynsw.com.au/bmi-calculator

You need to calculate your BMI prior to registering for the program to ensure that you are eligible. The program offers 20 positions. To enrol for the program please contact the Community Health Centre on 6340 3300.