Dec 15
Bourke Health Service Committed To Raising The Bar On Quality And Safety

Improving quality and safety for patients is the top priority for the Bourke Health Service following the feedback received from a recent independent review of systems and corporate processes.

Bourke recently underwent an accreditation review by SAI Global which independently assesses health services on how well they meet the criteria for the 10 national standards for delivery of health care in Australia.

“Here at Bourke we genuinely welcome the opportunity to participate in a review of how we do business so that we can improve our systems and provide the best patient care,” said Health Service Manager, Pat Canty.

The SAI Global review highlighted areas where we need to spend more time and showed us opportunities for growth and development,” said Pat. “We really welcome this opportunity and feedback.”

“Unfortunately we didn’t pass the most recent round of reviews but this has given us drive and determination to work harder and smarter to make sure the people of Bourke get the best care every time they use our service,” she said.

As a result of the 2015 SAI Global survey result the Bourke Health Service has taken a “can do” approach and developed an action plan to address the areas the accreditation process highlighted for improvement.

“I want to thank my team for all of the hard work they do every day to keep the doors open at the Bourke Health Service and we welcome the opportunity to learn to do things better, with each other as support,” said Pat.

The action plan’s immediate focus is on areas like;

·         Conducting regular meetings to discuss safety & quality issues

·         Reviewing internal monitoring systems

·         Reviewing internal daily operational processes to improve patient safety and quality for residents, patients and staff