Mar 29
Get Healthy Program Helps Dubbo Local To Get Healthy

Dubbo local Trixie Watts was motivated to join the Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service when she was involved with the NSW Aboriginal Health Challenge recently and is now a strong advocate for the program.

“I wanted to understand what was required for our challenge team to be more healthy and how to make some changes,” said Trixie.

“A lot of my team were younger and I needed to be a good role model, keep up with them and know that I could keep on track. It definitely helped my team for me to be involved with Get Healthy.”         

Trixie has a busy work and home life. She really appreciated that she could reschedule her appointments when she was busy. She was able to share some of her work/life balance challenges with the coach and was given other resources and avenues to help in those areas.

“Knowing they were going to call made me rethink what I had been doing and be honest with myself. The coaches were really good when I was stressed and had other things going on and I could reschedule when the calls didn’t suit,” Trixie said.

“They didn’t give up on me!”

Trixie believes Get Healthy is a trustworthy program for people to tap in to, where you feel valued and supported. Her changed behaviour has led to a younger family member enrolling and they continue to support each other in healthier activities.

“All it requires is taking a phone call and having a chat - it could even be while you are sitting under a tree if you like! You can ring just for information or for six months of coaching calls.  It is great for keeping you on track with your health goals.”

Trixie enjoyed using the Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service. Working in the field with younger people she now has more knowledge she can share and feels she can lead them to a healthier life because of her own good health.

“I can’t help my family or community if I’m not healthy as I age,” she said.

To participate in this Free program call 1300 806 258 or go to