Apr 08
Technology Used To Good Effect At Dunedoo MPS

Patients at Dunedoo MPS can be assured they are well cared for by staff who can also rely on the latest technology for help when it is required.

When there is no GP or Visiting Medical Officer available in the Emergency Department, staff can use the District’s Remote Medical Consultation Service (RMCS), said Ms Christine Warwicker, Health Service Manager, Dunedoo MPS.

“This 24/hour service puts staff in phone contact with a rural GP who can provide advice and further management orders to a Registered Nurse. It can be used in conjunction with the Critical Care Camera in the ED.  This camera is located on the ceiling above the patient’s bed.

 “The introduction of RMCS has seen patients admitted to the ward under the care of RNs, saving transport to Dubbo and caring for community members in their community close to family and friends. Staff are well supported by RMCS staff,” said Ms Warwicker. 

Staff can also use “Wally” – a moveable computer on wheels that is used like Skype, where consultations can occur via video with a doctor in another facility. The computer can be moved to the patient bedside or used in the Emergency Department if required. It is also used for education and mental health consultations.

The MPS can also use the District’s Patient Flow and Transport Unit service. These services ensure all patients receive the right care, in the right place, by the right team and at the right time.

“This service provides clinicians with clinical support and advice on clinical care and access to appropriate care and referral pathways as required,” said Ms Warwicker.

“We can also call on NETS (Newborn & Paediatric Emergency Transport Service) to provide expert clinical advice, treatment and stabilisation of babies and children up to 16 years of age.”

New technology to the facility enables staff to provide quicker and more efficient management of patients in both the ED and acute ward setting.

“We have had fantastic results and we are confident that all our staff are well supported to keep delivering the best possible health outcomes for our community,” said Mrs Warwicker.