Apr 22
Our Health Services - Violence Free Workplaces Please

People attending any health facility throughout the Western NSW Local Health District, whether as a patient or visitor, are reminded that NSW Health staff have the right to a workplace free of violence and aggression.

NSW Health has adopted a zero tolerance response to all forms of violence on health service premises or any other place where health related activities are carried out – this is outlined in NSW Health Policy Directive Preventing and Managing Violence in the NSW Health Workplace - A Zero Tolerance Approach.

Patients and others have the right to visit, or receive health care, in a therapeutic environment free from risks to their personal safety. Staff also have the right to feel safe and not intimidated while carrying out their duties.

Please respect those who provide you and your family with the health care and treatment required.

Media enquiries:Brendan Williams, Media Manager, Western NSW Local Health District via brendan.williams@health.nsw.gov.au