Jul 18
Bourke maternity update from western NSW Local Health district

The planning and consultation phase for a new birthing service at Bourke is progressing.

It is confirmed that a Risk Assessment by GIO insurers will take place in August.

A risk assessment is required because a new model of care is being proposed for Bourke maternity unit. The Health Service must ensure the model of care being provided is as safe as it possibly can be for women and the babies, and health service staff.

As part of this process, the Health Service is working through the development and revision of policy directives for the new model of care. This includes, for example, policies such as referral guidelines which determine when a woman with a high risk pregnancy is referred to a higher level of care.

The Health Service will also be conducting in September training and education in advanced life support for maternity staff. Education of staff is a continual process and is occurring at other sites across the District and the State.

Training for non-midwife Registered Nurses in maternity care will also be starting soon and this will mainly cover post-natal inpatient care.

The Western NSW LHD is fully committed to keeping the community informed on a regular basis of progress towards reopening the birthing service.