Jun 09
Orange Health Service Celebrates Positive Results in Latest Data

Orange Health Service has continued to perform well with respect to elective surgery and Emergency Department waiting times in the latest data released by the Bureau of Health Information (BHI).  

The BHI Report for the January to March 2016 quarter reveals how public hospitals across the State are performing in relation to NSW Ministry of Health benchmarks and targets.

Orange Health Service reported during this period an increase in activity in elective surgery, with State key performance indicators (KPIs) for waiting times being met and exceeded in all three patient categories.

“We recorded a 100% compliance rate for the most urgent cases, the waiting time for this category, category 1 is  less than 30 days. At the same time   there was a nine per cent increase in the number of urgent patients,” said General Manager of Orange Health Service Catherine Nowlan.

“Similarly we had a seven per cent increase in the number of Category 2 surgeries undertaken, with 100% of these being performed within the maximum 90 day waiting time. Orange Health Services, performance is above the State KPI of 97% which is a great achievement”.

Orange Hospital also reported an increase in activity in the Emergency Department (ED), with 4% more people attending the department than the same time last year..

Of significance, Orange ED had a 42% increase in Triage 1 (urgent) presentations, which are patients that need resuscitation, and a further 8% in Triage category 2 which is an emergency situation such as chest pain or severe burns.

“While  we experienced an increase in patients coming to the ED that were critically ill, we were able to ensure that 76% of all patients left the ED within four hours, which is 2% better than the State average.,” Ms Nowlan said.

“These results demonstrate the commitment of the entire Orange Health Service team to ensuring patients receive the right care at the right time in the right place.  I once again congratulate Orange Hospital staff on these achievements”.