Jul 25
Generous Donation Helps Bathurst Community Health

A generous donation has been received by Bathurst Hospital’s Community Health to assist families attending speech pathology clinics.

The donation was received from The Pre-War M.G. Register of Australia. Part of this donation was spent by Bathurst Hospital by purchasing children’s books for use in speech pathology clinics.

The books will assist families attending speech pathology through the screening clinic and speech and language therapy sessions and will be given to clients presenting with speech and/or language delay and disorder.

The books will also be used to encourage child language development and to improve children’s knowledge about printing and reading.

Speech Pathologist, Angela Roberts said the donation is much appreciated, with the money put to good use.

“Books are useful tools for teaching language and print awareness,” Ms Roberts said.

“We would encourage all parents to use books as well as other activities that promote language development, including toys promoting pretend play, and instead of activities such as watching TV or DVDs which are not as effective in promoting language development.”

“Active sharing of books and story reading between parents and children every day is recommended for good speech development.”

“Books should be used by children of all ages on a daily basis and parents should not treat books as resources only for older kids,” Ms Roberts said.

Book sharing promotes children learning new words, including words they may not have seen during usual day-to-day activities and improves knowledge of sentences, including the way we use grammar to convey different meanings.

Speech pathologists can be contacted at Bathurst Hospital Community Health should you need assistance with, or are concerned about the speech or language development of your child. Please contact us by phoning Bathurst Hospital on (02) 6330 5677.

Bathurst Hospital would again like to sincerely thank The Pre-War M.G. Register of Australia for their kind donation.

Media enquiries:Brendan Williams, Media Manager, Western NSW Local Health District via brendan.williams@health.nsw.gov.au