Aug 24
Bathurst Hospital Undergoes New Works

The Intensive Care Unit at Bathurst Hospital has recently undergone refurbishment work, with new vinyl flooring laid and the Unit fully repainted.

The work was conducted in conjunction with the Hospital’s public-private partnership with Spotless and has been undertaken to ensure the Unit remains up-to-date for patients and staff.

General Manager of Bathurst Hospital, Sue Patterson said she is pleased with the result of the works in the Intensive Care Unit.

“The new Bathurst Hospital is now eight years old, and we are pleased to be able to keep it fresh and contemporary for patients, visitors and staff by repainting walls and replacing vinyl flooring,” Ms Patterson said.

“The public-private partnership we have with Spotless ensures that updates at Bathurst can be undertaken without any cost to Bathurst Hospital or Western NSW Local Health District.”

“Clinic rooms in Community Health are currently undergoing the same treatment, with similar works planned to commence later in the year for the Emergency Department,” she said.

The works will also provide an opportunity for some equipment, such as glove dispensers, to be relocated closer to bedsides. Cleaner surfaces and the reduction in chipped paint and tears in vinyl flooring will also lessen the risk of infections.

“The community should be very proud of their local hospital, and we intend to ensure that it is well maintained for the wellbeing of everyone, especially for patients,” Ms Patterson said.

“We want to ensure Bathurst Hospital is well maintained into the future, and part of this is ensuring that regular works are undertaken to address any general wear and tear in high traffic areas where needed.”

“We would like to thank the community for their patience while we undertake these works in some of our Hospital units,” Ms Patterson said.

Works will be undertaken across the facility over the next few years, commencing with areas most in need.

Media enquiries: Brendan Williams, Media Manager, Western NSW Local Health District via