Sep 23
MERIT Program Raises Awareness of Ice in Orange

An information day will be held in Orange to raise awareness about the impact of Methamphetamine (Ice) use. Information will be available and on display on the day for the public.

Date: Friday, 30 September

Time: 10am – 1pm

Where: Post Office Lane, Summer Street, Orange

This event is an ideal opportunity for anyone to source information and it is available to all community members.

Staff from the Magistrates Early Referral into Treatment (MERIT) Program from Western NSW Local Health District will be present on the day to answer any queries or to provide details of drug and alcohol services available in the local area.

The MERIT Program will primarily focus on Methamphetamine (Ice) use however there will be other information on hand relating to other illicit substances and alcohol for those interested in finding out more.

There will also be information available to families affected by loved ones using Ice.

Media enquiries: Brendan Williams, Media Manager, Western NSW Local Health District via