Nov 03
GP rooms at Dunedoo MPS progressing

​Work is progressing well to set up the new General Practice (GP) Surgery at Dunedoo Multipurpose Service (MPS) for use by the hospital doctor.

Dr Clayton Spencer, Director Medical Services said the Local Health District has basically had to fit out the rooms from scratch and set up a new electronic patient record system which is taking some time, but the goal of having another GP practice in Dunedoo will be realised in the near future.

“Setting up a GP room can be quite tricky and we are working closely with the Western Primary Health Network to get the rooms in the MPS ready," Dr Spencer said.

“We are pleased that Dr Alseneid has been able to help out in the short term by making a room available at the medical centre for the temporary GP to use for private practice."

“This is an interim arrangement while work is being progressed on the MPS rooms," he said.

“The temporary GP comes to the MPS when needed to provide care to people coming in to the Emergency Department and for patients in hospital."

“Private medical practices are usually set up by the GP with assistance from the Primary Health Network, however we are pleased to be helping out with this in Dunedoo."

Apart from refurnishing the doctor rooms with general office equipment, computer equipment is also needed along with a patient record management computer program and internet connection.

Everyone is working hard to have these rooms ready as soon as possible for the hospital doctor.

Media enquiries: Brendan Williams, Media Manager, Western NSW Local Health District via